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We are committed to helping our clients identify and recruit individuals who will contribute to the success of their organisations for years to come. We have one objective: to help you add quality employees to your company. Our business is identifying and recruiting talent for our clients. We believe that a successful search requires a partnership between our firm and our client.

Working Partners

This partnership results in a blend of perspectives and skills that complement one another and enhances the prospect of hiring the right person.

Increase Efficiency

6 Degrees will facilitate companies to build superior leadership teams that can improve profitability and help create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Quality Candidates

We are a boutique search & recruitment company that values quality over quantity. You will only meet with professionals who satisfy your specific criteria.

Our Ethos - Leadership Recruitment Experts

Leadership Recruitment Experts with a Proven Track Record

We focus on specialised leadership functions, including CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, COOs, Sales & Marketing, Communications and PR, and Human Resources, across all industries. We can expedite the hiring process for you and ultimately help find the best available candidate for your company.

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We provide a cost effective, flexible, valuable service that will save you both time and money.

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