The Way We Operate

Our Approach

Our Approach - We Do Things Differently at 6 Degrees Executive Search Recruitment

We Do Things Differently

Knowing our clients

We begin each search for a future key executive with a blank piece of paper. As no two businesses or role requirements are the same we invest considerable time at the start in gaining a deep understanding of your business and what sort of person you want. We adopt a consultative approach with both clients and candidates.

Professional Discretion

Empirical evidence has shown that the most difficult part of hiring top professionals is initially finding them and then attracting them to switch. Understandably, they are not circulating their CVs and they hesitate to jeopardise their current position. We have the tentacles through our networks, industry knowledge, skill and intuition to reach the perfectly qualified person. 

Our Experience

We've Got The Contacts

Our consultants are Industry Insiders. They are highly experienced former senior business executives from a wide variety of backgrounds whose skill sets are complemented by their extensive networking in specialised areas. These contacts create a back-up virtual organisation which enables them to bring all of their acumen to the all-important initial interactions with senior sources and prospects on a search.

Capacity & cognisance

Our methods are based on a thorough understanding of each client’s strategic, financial, and operational issues. We strive to bring value to client organisations by listening to and understanding their needs.

Transparency & Communication

We communicate proactively with our clients, ensuring they are constantly updated in the search for what they are seeking.

Free Consultation

Let Us Help You

Our skilled and dedicated specialist consultants will find you the best talent match for your business.

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