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An interim manager is a highly experienced and specialised executive, employed for a short time to solve a specific business problem. Interim Managers are highly qualified, hands-on executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact.

The role of the Interim Manager differs from consultants because they assume executive responsibility with a clear mandate to act on the client’s behalf. They will be highly qualified for the assignments they undertake and will have extensive practical and industry experience. They help you define what changes you want to achieve and why, and then help you deliver the changes. An Interim Manager becomes a full member of the management team of the client company for the duration of the assignment.

Working Partners

Entrust your business to one of our executive Interim Managers. Depending on your needs, our candidates replace, enhance or coach your managers on a short or long-term basis. Our managers are available for project-based assignments or for a permanent replacement.

Increase Efficiency

Each of our Interim Managers has a solid track record of driving change in a positive direction. Each candidate brings to the table broad operational experience coupled with skill-sets and expertise in delivering results for similar types of assignments or sectors.

Interim Management - Highly Functional Executive Managers

Providing clients with highly functional Interim Management solutions during times of change, crisis and growth.

Interim Managers are experienced executives that thrive on variety, on delivering value, on complex organisational challenges and on situations requiring the management of change.

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